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As both analog and digital masters age, thought should be given to protecting the value of these tapes by backing them up to a high resolution, long lasting digital medium. Consideration should be given particularly to early digital tapes (late 1980’s to early 1990’s), whether they be R-DAT or PCM. Even now, many of these tapes are unplayable, due to poor storage conditions, lack of a maintained playback device, or fragile recording media to begin with. 

Analog masters are much more robust than the early digital forms, but analog tape is also subject to various problems and ultimately should be archived. Some tapes from the mid 1970’s to the early 1980’s (Ampex brand notably) suffer from “sticky tape syndrome”. This is a breakdown in the physical elements of the tape that causes part of the binder to adhere to the tape heads and guides, often preventing the tape from being played. This particular problem can be solved by baking in a specialized convection oven for a finite period (Mockingbird Mastering, Inc. uses an oven built by UltraSound that is accurate to 1/10 of a degree). 

If you have prized masters from an early era or want to preserve a tape collection that has personal emotional value, consider Mockingbird Mastering, Inc. for archiving. I will tailor a program for your needs and budget. In all cases, the utmost care and most appropriate equipment will be used.. The following source tape types can be accommodated: 1/4” and 1/2” analog tape with/or without noise reduction (Dolby A, Dolby SR, or dbx), R-DAT, CD-R, HDCD CD-R, DA88, PCM (Beta-HiFi or VHS), or cassette. The archival media will end up as audio files (.WAV or AIFF) on gold DVD or the media of your choice . Please contact me for more information on archiving. 

Mockingbird Mastering, Inc. Other Services: Archiving, Mixing, Plangent Processing


Although I have cut back on the amount I engineer, I am still very interested in mixing, particularly live show post production. I prefer mixing out through an analog desk even if the source is digital and use a number of favored outboard devices. If you’re interested in discussing a mixing project, please contact me directly.

Plangent Processing

Although not a Mockingbird Mastering, Inc. service pre se, I believe this processing is so important I feel the need to mention it. Specifically designed for analog tape of any era, this process analyzes high frequency content in the source tape and recognizes and corrects the minute speed irregularities created by all analog machines. Plangent Processing creates a subtle but stunning improvement to the clarity and openness of a music performance. This process is so dramatic that it can be demonstrated easily on small computer speakers…check out the Plangent website ( for a demonstration. For more information please contact me directly.

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